AGUAINC Products and Services

AGUAINC offers a wide range of products and services to customers. From Turn-key ready facilities to the development of full privately operated facilities and concessions of existing facilities- whatever the wastewater problem is we are here to help!

Green Products

For existing water treatment practitioners, AGUAINC sells Green Filter hardware (including a variety of types of floatation support and matrices), as well as specially breed phytoremediation plants. Whatever the project is, we can provide you with the ingredients for success.


Easy Upgrades and Turn-key Facilities

AGUAINC makes wastewater treatment easy and cost effective for municipal clients by providing Turn-key wastewater treatment facilities that are fully constructed and ready to operate.  The design is based on the clients parameters, goals, budget, and requirements.  Once, the agreed upon AGUAINC puts together a construction team to complete the project, and hands over the facility to the client ready to go! AGUAINC then offers both maintenance training and on-going maintenance services. 


Utilities: Concessions, BOTs, BOOs

In addition to building new facilities and maintaining them for clients, AGUAINC offers a Utility Development Program which includes a range of opportunities for cities to hand-over the hassles of wastewater treatment system development and operations. These range from BOTs (build-operate-transfer), to BOOs (build-operate-own), in which AGUAINC acts as the designer, financier, installer, and operator.