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    We don’t just install systems, we run utilities

    Technology + Management

For most cities their wastewater treatment utility is a burden – it’s unprofitable, it’s a headache to maintain, and falls short of quality standards. At Agua Inc we work with cities around the world to upgrade their existing facility or develop new facilities, and then maintain and operate them. Through investment in facility upgrades, installation of Agua Inc’s  industry leading biotechnology, and efficient management practices, Agua Inc provides its clients with a headache free solution to providing high quality wastewater treatment service to its users.

How it works

Agua Inc forms a concessionary partnership with a public municipal wastewater utility, in which the municipality signs over the concessionary rights for the facility. This means the right to operate the facility and provide wastewater treatment services to its users. Agua Inc in return upgrades the facility with its specialized ecological biotechnology, and releases the municipality of its liability and responsibility to operate the facility.


Benefits for the municipality

• Less responsibility and liability

• Prevention of environmental contamination 

• Beautiful green space for the local community

• Release of economic burden 

• Increased city sustainability, and climate change mitigation

• Upgraded infrastructure and improved service provision to local users.

• Improved community health and sanitation


How the upgrades work

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the municipality’s system, the Agua Inc’s engineering team designs a customized upgrade plan for the system. A concessionary agreement is then drafted between the municipality and Agua Inc. Following this, Agua Inc works with it’s network of private and institutional investors to raise the appropriate funds to pay for the upgrade. Agua Inc assumes operations of the facility and appropriate upgrades are installed. Once all upgrades are completed, tests are taken to ensure quality of the effluent and performance standards are met. Then for the length of the concession Agua Inc operates the facility ensuring quality service provision to all users.

Case Study of Kotu Ponds, The Gambia

Agua Inc is launching a revolutionary project in The Gambia, West Africa where it will convert the country’s largest wastewater dumping lagoons into a modern treatment facility and ecological park. The project will transform a long standing point of contamination and disease into a beautiful recreational asset, and source of clean water.

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