AGUAABIS Green Filters

Discover Agua Inc’s ABIS technology, an advanced biological wastewater treatment system that transforms your sewage into clean water – beautifully and sustainably. With Agua Inc’s innovative biotechnology systems, energy and chemical free wastewater treatment is now possible.Through a combination of proprietary and conventional technologies, Agua Inc provides robust wastewater treatment systems that not only offer industry leading performance, but integrate beautifully into city landscapes.

Energy and Chemical Free

AGUAINC systems use little to no energy and chemicals to accomplish it’s treatment process, instead mechanical processes are replaced with biological processes.


AGUAINC systems provide an effective wastewater treatment solution meeting US and EU regulatory standards.


Powered by nature, ABIS’s chemical and energy free process, is not only natural, but combats climate change through sequestration of C02 and preventing C02 emission from energy production.

Cost Effective

AGUAINC systems are on average over 50% less expensive to build and operate than conventional solutions.

Innovation that changes everything

Agua Inc’s ABIS technology works on the same principles of conventional treatment, except that we combine innovative hardware and specialised biotechnology to inject oxygen with plants and provide advanced wastewater treatment without energy. It’s more beautiful, its more effective.

How ABIS works

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Forget the old way

Forget the old way of using aeration machines to aerate and treat wastewater. Some cities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on electricity to inject oxygen into sewage to treat their wastewater and operate their facilities. It’s expensive, its ugly, and unnecessary.

How ABIS compares

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Need a new system or an upgrade?

We install ABIS not only into new facilities, but into existing systems that need a performance upgrade. Agua Inc’s ABIS floating green filter system can be easily installed onto the surface of lagoons and bioreactors, providing a cost effective and beautiful way to improve effluent standards and nutrient removal, reduce energy consumption, as well as reduce odors.

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Reach your potential

Custom designed to our clients specifications, Agua Inc offers industry leading advanced wastewater treatment to clients around the world. We help our clients achieve their development goals, their sustainability goals, and their technology goals. We help our clients use infrastructure to transform their cities into healthy, clean, and beautiful places to live.

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