A response to conventional problems

Water and wastewater treatment systems installed during previous decades, have been infamously plagued by energy inefficiency, high chemical consumption, and intensive operations making them a burden for many municipalities. The average US municipality’s water and wastewater treatment facility consume over 30% of total municipal electricity, demand thousands of dollars in toxic chemicals, specialized technical expertise and expensive maintenance. With increasing effluent standards and energy prices, there has never been a better time to upgrade to a more affordable, more sustainable, and more energy efficient way of treatment.

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Agua Inc uses the same  biological treatment technics as conventional technology, however, we optimize it with specialized biotechnology including custom breed macrophytes and bacterial communities, bio-engineered absorbents, and hardware to increase performance and decrease costs and maintenance.

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Same principles, done naturally.

Three ways that we accomplish the same treatment processes as conventional activated sludge, just better and here are three examples of how:

Agua Inc replaces expensive and energy intensive aeration machines with aerating plants, which use photosynthesis to convert C02 to oxygen for aerobic bacteria.

  Rather than suspended bacteria, ABIS bacterial communities form higher performing fixed bacterial biofilms on the dense aerated root structures.

Most Agua Inc systems  don’t produce sludge or odors which makes operations easier, cheaper, and creates more comfortable and green facilities.

How ABIS compares

Agua Inc’s ABIS system leads among conventional wastewater treatment technology solutions in effluent quality, efficiency, and cost.

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