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    Welcome to Agua Gambia Ltd!

    On this page you can learn more about the Kotu Ponds Project, access client reference information, read updates, and check out the project photos.


    In June of 2015, AGUAINC launched the Kotu Ponds Project in The Gambia, West Africa, embarking on a mission to transform the country’s largest and oldest wastewater treatment site into a modern facility and ecological park. The project is converting a long-standing locus of contamination, odor, and disease into a beautiful, recreational asset and source of clean water.


    When the Kotu Ponds Project was inaugurated last summer, the wastewater treatment site was overdue for a touch-up. Built decades ago, the facility had become dilapidated. The structural integrity of the lagoons was deteriorating, sewage pump stations would often fail and overflow, and the final effluent was being discharged into the environment prior to receiving complete treatment. These indiscretions led to pollutant-heavy wastewater entering adjacent water bodies and contaminating crops, fisheries, and the water used by local businesses. The stagnant ponds had become breeding grounds for mosquitoes carrying malaria and other harmful diseases. Beyond the aesthetic and infrastructural challenges, a wide range of administrative challenges had presented themselves.


    Agua Gambia Ltd, a public-private partnership between AGUAINC and The Government of The Gambia, is the party responsible for operations of the Kotu Ponds facility. Agua Gambia Ltd signed a concessionary agreement with the public utility NAWEC (National Water and Electric Company), in which NAWEC conceded the system at Kotu to AGUAINC for a period of 21 years. During this period, AGUAINC will upgrade and operate the facility. To generate revenue, Agua Gambia Ltd charges sewage fees to all users serviced by the utility. These users typically fall into one of two categories: septic trucks whose operators pay in advance to enter the site; and large buildings connected to the system – primarily hotels that receive a monthly bill.

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    Kotu Project Brief (Fall 2015)

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