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Agua Inc transforms cities with innovative and sustainable water treatment technology. Our systems convert waste into beauty, combat climate change, recover valuable resources, and provide an asset that communities are proud to share. Whether in a bustling city of Dominican Republic, the suburbs of Spain or a dessert community in Mali, Agua Inc delivers industry leading high quality water treatment exceeding international performance standards. As a company we pride ourselves in our dedication to: 1) revolutionary innovation, 2) unparalleled expertise,  3) customer satisfaction, 4) positive impact, and 5) working globally.


1) Revolutionary innovation

We are a technology and infrastructure development company dedicated to providing world leading biological wastewater treatment systems to cities around the world. Utilizing our innovative and proprietary biotechnology, hardware and monitoring system – ABIS, we offer better treatment, with less electricity, less odors, less sludge, and easier maintenance.

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2) Unparalleled Expertise

We are industry leaders in biological water treatment. Our team is among the world’s pioneers of floating phytoremediation systems, with over 10 years of experience designing, installing and maintaining over 200 biological water treatment systems around the world.

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3) Customer Satisfaction

We work closely with our clients to help design and install systems that meet their treatment and infrastructure goals. Our systems not only exceed international treatment standards set by regulars including the EPA, NEMA, and EU, but beautifully integrate into the city landscapes – without noise or odors.

4) Positive Impact

Whether in Europe or Africa, at Agua Inc we are dedicated to creating a positive impact in all of the communities where we work. This means providing a great wastewater treatment system that improves quality of life, local health, and protects the environment, as well as developing it and installing it in ways the engage and empower the community. 


5) Working globally

Agua Inc works on projects around the world and has offices locally in North America, Central and South America, Europe and East and West Africa. These offices each offer the same high quality Agua Tech, while providing expertise on local water regulations and project implementation, employ local workers, and source local materials. Wherever the project is located, our international team dedicated to transforming the way water is treated around the world.

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