Located in Kenya’s busy capital, Nairobi, Agua Kenya helps to address key water sustainability issues throughout Sub-Sahara Africa. It utilizes the same high quality and tested technology Agua technology and systems which are able to treat waste water to tap water without chemicals, additives and in most cases without energy. Access to safe drinking water and poor sanitation are big challenges in Kenya and Africa in general. Our organization has endeavored to introduce a sustainable solution to these challenges, namely The Floating Green Filter System. This technology will not only purify sewage/waste water in a completely sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, but can also clean polluted water sources like rivers and lakes to provide safe drinking water. We aim to be the regional leader in ecological wastewater purification and to supply fresh safe potable water in a highly economical way to communities that need it. We are driven by the enormity of the problem against the backdrop of a poverty of solutions at the moment. AguaKenya Ltd aims to be the African leader in the field of cutting-edge biotechnological production, installation and maintenance of plant material used in wastewater treatment systems. We will provide phytodepuration and water purification solutions while pioneering further research and development, in this technology, in the region.