Hardy, Karen. Agua Bio-Centre.

Agua Kenya Bio-production center is an example of the possibilities available in Kenya, we are the first zero-effluent office using phytoremediation (plant based) systems. This means all our water is reused so we have a closed loop system where our wastewater is recycled and provides added value to our Bio-Center.

Rabat – Morocco. Acciona wastewater treatment system

Agua Kenya supplied specially bred macrophytes for use in a wastewater treatment plant in Rabat, Morocco. An outsourcing contract from Agua Inc Global Group with the scope of supply 2,000 Typha Dominguensis X, and lead the direction of installation of ABIS for 40 users at the DWTP built by Acciona Agua.
These plants were checked and certified by KEPHIS (Kenya Plant health inspectorate Service) prior to exportation. KEPHIS is Kenyas lead regulator and facilitator of globally competitive agriculture and related products.