Welcome to Agua Inc Kenya


Established in 2013 as part of the Agua Inc. global development group, Agua Kenya brings to Kenya world leading water & wastewater purification technology. Our offices are situated at Nairobi where we set an example for innovative wastewater recycling and resuse using the power of our unique technology. Using the power of nature, Agua Kenya’s team offers a patented, innovative technology solution; to provide more ecological, efficient and a more economical water and waste water treatment technology, for a wide range of applications- with a major focus on waste water treatment and a minor focus on water purification for drinking water and industrial water treatment.
Sanitation is one of the pillars we focus on, to develop a sustainable and vibrant community in Kenya. We are driven by the knowledge that approximately 59% of Kenyans don’t have access to sanitation and safe water is becoming an ever increasing challenge for developing countries. This is why we have designed our system to be extremely flexible and suitable for most environments in Kenya, from a state of the art factory, to a gated community or remote areas that have limited access to electricity or technical knowledge to run conventional systems.


We passionately believe that water is the foundation of freedom, dignity, and humility.”
This is the driving force behind our company, our team of professional staff and partners, making us leaders in innovation in this sector.


To provide disruptive waste water management and governance Eco-systems to all.”
We believe that with the combination of the right technology, clever financing models and dedicated players we can transform wastewater and its management so as to provide value to our clients, the communities we serve and our environment.


To be the catalyst for technological models that promotes the access, treatment and reuse of water in an affordable, sustainable and empowering way to the communities.”